CGGC seminar (talk #189)
Date:    Sunday 3/07/2011
Time:    1:00 pm
Room:    Taub 337

Speaker: Uri Itai (Applied Mathematics, Technion)
Title:   An interpolatory subdivision scheme for positive definite matrices.
Symmetric positive definite matrices are widely used. Diffusion kernels,
Curvature, Optimization and many more. However, Symmetric positive
definite matrices are not a group and form an open unbounded manifold.
Thus, it is not clear how to efficiently interpolate such data. In this
lecture we give such a subdivision interpolation scheme based on the
geodes in the Riemannian  metric of the Symmetric positive definite
We prove convergences and smoothness and also spectral properties.
This is joint work with Nir Sharon and Nira Dyn.
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