CGGC seminar (talk #188)
Date:    Sunday 26/06/2011
Time:    1:00 pm
Room:    Taub 337
Speaker: Myung-Soo Kim (School of Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul
National University, Seoul, Korea)
Title:    Efficient Algorithms for Freeform Geometric Models
We present a new approach to the development of efficient geometric
algorithms for freeform curves and surfaces. Preprocessing the given
curves and surfaces and representing them in a hierarchical data
structure, we show that a variety of geometric algorithms can be greatly
accelerated. We demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach by
developing real-time algorithms for collision detection, minimum
 and Hausdorff distance computation, convex hull computation for
freeform models.
This is joint work with  Yong-Joon Kim and Gershon Elber
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