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                          FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS
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We will meet at the Technion on May 18 and 19 to mark and celebrate 50 years
of Evgeniy's inspiring research and teaching.
Preliminary list of speakers and titles:

The Boundedness and the Spectrum of Averaging Operators on L^{p}(0,\infty)
Jonathan Arazy, University of Haifa.

Lipschitz Extension Constants
Yuri Brudnyi, Technion.

Symmetrization inequalities for Sobolev functions on Probability Metric Spaces 
Joaquim Martin, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain

On the general theory of linear functional operators. New problems and new methods
Boris Paneah, Technion.

The Sobolev-Poincare inequality and extensions of Sobolev functions.
Pavel Shvartsman, Technion.

Inexact powers and infinite products of nonlinear operators
Simeon Reich and Alexander J. Zaslavski, Technion.

Real interpolation with symmetric spaces and slowly varying functions
Teresa Signes, University of Murcia, Spain

Smoothness and holomorphy of continuous operator functions
Leonid Zelenko, University of Haifa.

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