Computer Science Colloquium
Time+Place : Tuesday 17/05/2011 14:30 room 337-8 Taub  Bld.
Speaker    : Hadas Shachnai
Affiliation: Computer Science Department, Technion
Title      : Maximizing Submodular Set Functions Subject to Multiple
             Linear Constraints
Abstract   :
The concept of submodularity plays a vital role in combinatorial
optimization. In particular, many important optimization problems can be
cast as submodular maximization problems, including maximum coverage,
maximum facility location and max cut in directed/undirected graphs.
We consider the problem of maximizing a submodular set function subject to
$d$ linear constraints, where $d > 1$ is some constant. We present the first
known approximation algorithms for monotone functions, which yield a nearly
optimal ratio of $(1-e^{-1}-\eps)$. For arbitrary submodular functions, we
improve the best known bound to $1/4 - \eps$, for any $\eps > 0$.
Our approximation technique relies on the strong relation that we establish
between the discrete problem and its continuous relaxation.
Formally, we show that, for any non-negative submodular function, an
$\alpha$-approximation algorithm for the continuous relaxation implies a
randomized $(\alpha - \eps)$-approximation algorithm for the discrete
problem. We further show that the probabilistic domain defined by a
continuous solution can be reduced to yield a polynomial size domain. This
leads to a deterministic version of the technique.
Our approach has a potential of wider applicability, which we demonstrate on
the examples of the Generalized Assignment Problem and Maximum Coverage with
additional linear constraints.
Joint work with Ariel Kulik and Tami Tamir.
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