Computer Science Colloquium
    GUEST LECTURE on Thursday 12/05/2011
Time+Place : Thursday 12/05/2011 14:30 room 337-8 Taub  Bld.
Speaker    : Prof. Peter Pepper  SPECIAL GUEST LECTURE 
Affiliation: Technische Universitat(TU), Informatik, Berlin
Host       : Shmuel Katz
Title      : A Unified Formal Approach To Garbage Collection
Abstract   :
We - that is, Doug Smith and Dusko Pavlovic from Kestrel Institute and
myself - have been looking into the formal derivation of real-world garbage
collectors for several years by now, in particular by looking into the
pertinent fixed-point aspects. From these efforts emerged a unified
treatment of all kinds of garbage collectors, ranging from mark-and-sweep
and copying collectors to reference-counting collectors - and various hybrid
combinations of these basic algorithms.
Short Bio:
Peter Pepper holds a chair on Compilers and Programming Languages at the
Technical University Berlin. He received his education mainly at the
Technical University Munich and spent also some time with Zohar Manna at
Stanford University. His interests focus on formal programming, functional
languages and safety-critical systems, in particular with respect to
modeling and simulation. He also has a position as Research Coordinator at
the Fraunhofer FIRST Institute in Berlin and heads a research group at the
DCAITI, a joint research institute of TU Berlin and Daimler AG in Berlin.
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