Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Department of Mathematics
DATE: Tuesday, May  3, 2011
SPEAKER: Vincenzo Vespri, Firenze
TITLE:   Harnack estimates for degenerate parabolic equations
PLACE:   Room 814, Amado Mathematics Building, Technion
TIME: 14:30
We consider p -Laplacian equations and porous medium equations and we
speak how to extend the classical Moser's estimates to these classes of
equations. We speak about recent contributions (togheter with E.
DiBenedetto and U. Gianazza) on this topic. The novelty of this new
appoach is that we use DeGiorgi's function spaces insetad of the
celebrated cross-over lemma. As a byproduct we get a different proof of
Moser's estimates and we have a new more geometric approach to prove the
regularity of the solutions.
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