This thursday:
In the Amitsur algebra time slot:
(but in  room 110)
Please notice:
Two special talks by Shoham  Shamir
Thurs April 7th 12:00  room  110
 Second talk on Wed April 13th  time: TBA 
Homotopy theory of DG algebras -
 invariants of the derived category
(after: Avramov, Thomas, Greenlees, Dwyer and others)
The singular cochains functor converts a topological space into
a differential graded algebra (DGA). This DGA contains more
information about the space than just its cohomology ring. One
way to access this additional information is by examining the
derived category of the DGA, which is a homotopy invariant of
the DGA.
Since the cochains DGA is "commutative" its derived category
behaves like the derived category of a commutative ring. The
obvious strategy is then to choose some notion in commutative
algebra, translate it to the derived category of the DGA and see
if the resulting structure has topological meaning.
This strategy has been highly successful and concepts such as
regularity, the prime ideal spectrum, the Gorenstein property,
local-cohomology and complete intersection all have interesting
topological interpretations. I will describe several of these
notions, both the original concept in algebra and its
topological meaning.
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