Students Probability Seminar/ March 29
 Second of two talks: Please see titles and abstracts below:
Date: 29 March 2011
Place: Bloomfield 526, Faculty of  <IE@M>
Time: \red 17:00-18:00 \nocolour
Speakers: Roman Berezin
 (The Distance Function and the Topology of Random Geometric Complexes
(Omer Bobrowski)) (At 15:30. See separate announcement) 

 Survival and Extinction of the Contact Process with Rapid
Stirring (Roman Berezin) 
Abstract: We study a nearest neighbour contact process fused with
exclusion process in $d\geq 3$. It is known that the critical value of
the birth rate of the contact process starting with a single particle,
necessary for indefinite survival approaches $1$ as a suitable scaling
parameter approaches infinity.  The main point of interest is to find
sharp asymptotic for how close this critical value is to $1$.
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