Tel Aviv University - Colloquium
Hello everyone,
The next colloquium talk will be held on Monday, 28/3/2011, 12:15,
Schreiber 006, Tel Aviv University. The speaker is
     Greg Kuperberg (UC Davis and IF Grenoble)
and the title of his talk is
     What is quantum probability?
The abstract is given below. Tea and coffee at 12:00, same room.
Hope to see you there. For information about future colloquiua, see
You are all welcome to suggest colloquium speakers, especially for the
next academic year.
Greg will also deliver a talk in Milman's seminar this week, on
numerical cubature in higher dimensions, using methods from geometry
and coding theory. This will be a colloquium-style talk, Sunday
27/3/2011, 14:10, Schreiber 209.
Abstract: Quantum mechanics is difficult for many people to understand
because it is difficult to believe. The heart of the problem is
quantum probability, which is an entirely rigorous theory; nonetheless
even many working mathematicians have trouble believing it. (Quantum
field theory is far from entirely rigorous, but that is a very
different issue that I will not discuss.) In the past 15 years or so,
quantum probability has greatly expanded as a mathematical topic in
the guise of quantum computation and quantum information theory. In
this talk, I will discuss some of the ideas of quantum probability,
quantum computation, and quantum information, using the language of
pure mathematics. A particular theme is that a good scientific
interpretation of quantum probability can be exactly matched to basic
ideas in operator algebras.
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