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Speaker: Dov Samet
Title: Interim agreements: Zeno, Parkinson, and Nash
Date: 27/03/2011
Time: 11:30
Place: Bloomfield-527
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                              Interim agreements:
                           Zeno, Parkinson, and Nash
Zeno's paradoxes of motion, which claim that moving from one
point to another cannot be accomplished in finite time, seem to
be of serious concern when moving towards an agreement is
concerned. Parkinson's Law of Triviality implies that such an
agreement cannot be reached in finite time. By explicitly
modeling dynamic processes of reaching interim agreements and
using arguments similar to Zeno's, we show that if utilities are
von Neumann-Morgenstern, then no such process can bring about an
agreement in finite time in linear bargaining problems. To
extend this result for all bargaining problems, we characterize
a particular path illustrated by Raiffa, and show that no
agreement is reached along this path in finite time.
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