Department of Mathematics                           University of Haifa
                    Topology and Geometry Seminar
Speaker: Yonatan Harpaz
         The Hebrew University
Title:   Homotopy Theory and Solubility of Diophantine Equations
Date:    Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Place:   Room 614 of the Science & Education Building, Univ. of Haifa
Time:    14:10
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The problem of determining the existence of rational solutions to
Diophantine equations is one of the oldest and most classical problems of
number theory. If such a solution exists one can in principle prove it by
presenting it, but to prove that there is no solution is a much more
elusive matter. Methods which can do this task to some extent are
generally referred to as obstructions. In this work we show how to
construct obstructions from a certain homotopy theoretic incarnation of X.
This allows one to recover many of the previously known obstructions under
a unified homotopy-theoretic framework and to shed some light on the
relations between them. This is joint work with T. Schlank.
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