Tel Aviv University
  School of Mathematical Sciences
    Applied Mathematics Seminar
Date:          Tuesday March 15th, 2011, 15:10
Place:             Schreiber Bldg, Room 309
Speaker:     Alexander Libin
         Ultimate Video Technologies, Tel Aviv
Title: Large Scale Structures as Gradient Lines:
              The Case of the Trkal Flow
A specific asymptotic expansion at large Reynolds numbers, R, for the
long wavelength perturbations of non-stationary anisotropic helical
solutions of the forceless Navier-Stokes equations (Trkal solutions) is
efficiently constructed of the Beltrami type terms through multi scaling
analysis. The asymptotic procedure is proved to be valid for one
specific value of the scaling parameter, namely R^{1/2}.  As a result,
large scale structures arise as gradient lines of the energy density
determined by the initial conditions for two anisotropic Beltrami flows
of the same helicity. The same initial conditions determine the
boundaries of the vortex-velocity tubes, containing both streamlines and
vortex lines.
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