The  Weizmann  Institute  of  Science
                  Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
                 Mathematical Analysis and Applications Seminar
                     Lecture Hall, Room 1, Ziskind Building
                           on Tuesday, March 15, 2011
                                  11:00 - noon
                               Michael Margaliot
                              Tel Aviv University
                                 will speak on
                    A Maximum Principle for Optimal Control
                              of Boolean Networks
A Boolean network consists of a set of Boolean variables whose state is
determined by other variables in the network. Cellular automata, with two
possible states per cell, are a particular case of Boolean networks. Recently,
Boolean networks gained considerable interest as models for biological systems
composed of elements that can be in one of two possible states. Examples
include genetic regulation networks, where the ON (OFF) state corresponds to
the transcribed (quiescent) state of a gene, and cellular networks where the
two possible logic states may represent the open/closed state of an ion
channel, basal/high activity of an enzyme, two possible conformational states
of a protein, etc.
Daizhan Cheng developed an algebraic state-space representation for Boolean
control networks using the semi-tensor product of matrices. This representation
proved quite useful for studying Boolean control networks in a
control-theoretic framework. Using this representation, we consider a
Mayer-type optimal control problem for Boolean control networks.
Our main result is a necessary condition for optimality. This provides a
parallel of Pontrayagin's maximum principle to Boolean control networks.
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