Seminar:   Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization
Speaker:   Shoham Sabach
            The Technion
Title:     Generalized univariate Newton methods
            motivated by proximal regularization
Time:      Sunday, March 13, 2011, at 14:45
Place:     Room 814, Amado Mathematics Building
            Please note unusual time! 
Abstract: We devise new generalized univariate Newton methods for
solving nonlinear equations, motivated by the Bregman distances and
the proximal regularization of optimization problems. We prove
quadratic convergence of the new methods, and illustrate their
benefits over the classical Newton's method by means of three test
problems. These test problems provide insight as to which generalized
method could be chosen for a given nonlinear equation. Finally, we
derive a closed-form expression for the asymptotic error constants of
the generalized methods and make further comparisons involving these
This is a joint project with Regina S. Burachik and C. Yalcın Kaya.
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