Computer Science Colloquium
    SPECIAL LECTURE note unusual hour on Sunday 27/02/2011
Time+Place : Sunday 27/02/2011 14:00 room 337-8 Taub  Bld.
Speaker    : Prof. David Abramson SPECIAL LECTURE note unusual hour
Affiliation: Monash University
Host       : Assaf Schuster
Title      : e-Science: Are we there yet?
Abstract   :
e-Science involves the application of advanced computational methods to
other areas of science and technology. It It has attracted a good deal of
support over the past 10 years, and numerous groups have developed new
techniques and software prototypes. Importantly, e-Science requires advanced
in both computer science and the application area, making it an ideal driver
for computer science research.
In this talk, I will explore whether any of this work is actually making a
difference. I will discuss our own projects work at the Monash e-Science and
Grid Engineering (MeSsAGE) Lab, a computer science research laboratory
devoted to new software development techniques that support e-Science
applications. I will show how high throughput (aka parallel) scientific
workflows have not only contributed to the state of the art in computer
science, but are being adopted in research labs at Monash and
internationally. In particular, I will highlight case studies in the medical
imaging, chemistry and cardiac science.
Professor David Abramson has been involved in computer architecture and high
performance computing research since 1979. Previous to joining Monash
University in 1997, he has held appointments at Griffith University, CSIRO,
and RMIT. At CSIRO he was the program leader of the Division of Information
Technology High Performance Computing Program, and was also an adjunct
Associate Professor at RMIT in Melbourne. He served as a program manager and
chief investigator in the Co-operative Research Centre for Intelligent
Decisions Systems and the Co-operative Research Centre for Enterprise
Distributed Systems.
Abramson is currently an ARC Professorial Fellow; Professor of Computer
Science in the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University,
Australia, and science director of the Monash e-Research Centre. He is a
fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery
(ACM) and the Academy of Science and Technological Engineering (ATSE), and a
member of the IEEE.
Abramson has served on committees for many  conferences and workshops, and
has published over 200 papers and technical documents. He has given seminars
and received awards around Australia and internationally and has received
over $8 million in research funding.
He also has a keen interest in R&D commercialization and consults for
Axceleon Inc, who produce an industry strength version of Nimrod, and
Guardsoft, a company focused on commercialising the Guard relative debugger.
Abramson's current interests are in high performance computer systems design
and software engineering tools for programming parallel, distributed
supercomputers  and stained glass windows.
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