CGGC seminar (talk #185)
Date:    Wednesday 23/02/2011  (note special day)
Time:    11:00 am  (note special time)
Room:    Taub 5 (note special location)
Speaker: Alla Sheffer (Computer Science, Univ. of British Columbia,
Vancouver, Canada)
Title:   Space-Time Reconstruction - Understanding Motion
As research on space-time reconstruction matures, we should ask ourselves
what information we use to correctly leverage the temporal or motion
component of the data.
In my talk I will discuss several possible motion priors and their impact on
the reconstruction.
Specifically, I will address the observation that most changes in shape are
gradual, in both intrinsic and Euclidean sense.
I will discuss the impact of this observation on the interpretation of shape
over time and present a reconstruction method that uses this observation to
correctly reconstruct shape and motion in the presence of self-contacts.
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