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Dear all,
The spring semester begins next week at Tel Aviv University and we renew
our meetings of the Horowitz seminar on Probability, Ergodic Theory and
Dynamical Systems. Next week we are happy to have:
Speaker: Manjunath Krishnapur, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Title: The single ring theorem
Date: Monday, February 21
Time: 14:30
Place: Schreiber 309
What are the eigenvalues of a typical matrix with a given set of singular
values? We make the question precise by considering a random matrix of
the form A=UDV, where D is a diagonal matrix and U,V are independent
unitary matrices sampled from Haar measure.Under certain assumptions on
the distribution of D, we show that A has a limiting spectral
distribution, and characterize its properties. In particular, it has the
surprising feature that the support of the limit spectral distribution is
a connected annulus. This is joint work with Alice Guionnet and Ofer
Also of related interest. This semester I will give a course on "Random
walks and Brownian motion" at TAU on Mondays from 16 to 19. The course
will be given in English if participants request it. See more details at:
Best regards,
Seminar webpage:
Dear all,
Also of related interest to the Horowitz seminar list. This semester at
TAU we will hold a reading group on "Black noises" (or nonclassical
stochastic flows). Everyone is welcome to join.
We will meet on Sundays, at 11:10-13:00 in room 319 in TAU's Kaplun
building. The group is organized by Tom Ellis and he will lead the first
meeting. He asks that in preparation for the first meeting, the
participants will read the following parts of the survey by Boris
Tsirelson found at:
Sections 1, 2, 3, and 4 but skipping the following parts: Section 1b
"continuous example", Section 1d, Sections 2e, 2f.
Section 3 is very technical but it's worth making a first attempt to
become familiar with the general idea.  It might not be worth going into
specifics yet.
Please direct further questions on this to Tom at
Have a good semester,
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