Please note (especially Uri) that there are changes in the 3rd talk
speaker and title. Unfortunately Yehuda will not be able to come
All the lectures will take place at the math building room 2.
The talks of Z. Rudnick and H. Furstenberg will be introductory.
The Action Now talks:
10:00--10:50 Hillel Furstenberg (HUJI)
Title: Applications of Dynamics to Number Theory -- Beginnings and Challenges
11:10--12:00 Iddo Samet (HUJI)
Title: Volume and homology of lattices
12:10--13:00 Uri Bader (Technion)
Title: Lattices Envelopes
15:00--15:50 Zeev Rudnick (TAU)
Title: What is Quantum Unique Ergodicity?
In addition to the Action-Now there will be an
Analysis and PDEs seminar:
14:00--14:50  J. Avron (Technion)
Geometry of quantum control for open quantum systems
16:15--17:15   M. Einsiedler (ETH, Zurich)
Applications of measure rigidity of diagonal actions
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