Hebrew University
On Thursday January 13, we will have a special Action Now meeting at
HUJI to celebrate Elon's winning of the Fields medal.

For more details on the Action Now day see:

The lectures will take place at the math building room 2 (^^^^ 2 ^ת^^^ק^).
The talks of Z. Rudnick and H. Furstenberg will be introductory.
10:00--10:50   Z. Rudnick, Title: What is Quantum Unique Ergodicity?
11:10--12:00   I. Samet, Title: TBA
12:00--13:20   Lunch
13:20--14:10    Change in Program. Lecture by Uri Bader, Lattices Envelopes.  ((Y. Shalom, Title: TBA))
14:30--15:20   H. Furstenberg, Title: Applications of Ergodic theory
in number theory.
These lectures will be followed by a colloquium talk by Einsiedler
Manfred (16:00--17:00).

See also the url
which gives the schedule of the events which will take place on the 13th
of January, 2011

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