Technion Mathematics Colloquium
Announcement for the first of  TWO  colloquium talks
on Monday, January 10.
Title: Distribution of compact A-orbits
Speaker: Manfred Einsiedler (ETH)
We will discuss the distribution properties of compact A-orbits on SL(2,
Z) \ SL(2, R) and SL(3, Z) \ SL(3, R) where A is the diagonal subgroup.
In the former case the equdistri- bution is a result of Duke building on
work of Iwaniec, and the proof is of purely number theoretic nature. In
the latter case the equdistribution is joint work with E. Lindenstrauss,
Ph. Michel, and A. Venkatesh, and the proof uses ergodic and number
theoretic methods. We will contrast these two cases and also compare the
situation with similar results e.g. for the horocycle flow.
We will introduce the above spaces, recall the connection to quadratic
and cubic number fields, and discuss the ergodic theorems needed.
Monday,January 10
3:30 p.m. Amado 232
Light refreshments will be served at 3:00pm at the faculty lounge on the
8th floor
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