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Dear all,
This week at the Horowitz seminar on Probability, Ergodic Theory and
Dynamical Systems at Tel Aviv University we are happy to have:
Speaker: Ivan Corwin, Courant Institute, New York University
Title: Beyond the Gaussian Universality Class
Date: Monday, January 10.
Time: 14:30
Place: Schreiber 309.
The Gaussian central limit theorem says that for a wide class of
stochastic systems, the bell curve (Gaussian distribution) describes the
statistics for random fluctuations of important observables. In this talk
I will look beyond this class of systems to a collection of probabilistic
models which include random growth models, polymers, particle systems,
matrices and stochastic PDEs, as well as certain asymptotic problems in
combinatorics and representation theory. I will explain in what ways
these different examples all fall into a single new universality class
with a much richer mathematical structure than that of the Gaussian.
I would also like to mention that the mathematics colloquium on Monday
will feature Boris Tsirelson speaking about "Black noise of percolation".
His talk will be on Monday, 12:15 in Schreiber 006 and the abstract is:
A recent text by Oded Schramm (z"l) and Stanislav Smirnov proposes a new
approach to the (full) scaling limit of planar percolation, and proves by
a pioneering argument that it is a black noise, as will be explained in
this talk.  
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