Bar-Ilan Combinatorics Seminar
The last meeting of the seminar for this semester will take place IYH
(when)  Sunday, 4 Shvat (Jan. 9), 14:00-15:30
(where) Room 201 (Math Department Seminar Room), Math and CS Building
(216), Bar-Ilan University
(who)   David Howard (Technion)
(what)  "I am almost a perfect matchmaker"
Matching theory in graphs is a well studied and understood field of
mathematics. There are nice theorems that give sufficient and necessary
conditions for guaranteeing the existence of large matchings. In
contrast, matching theory in hypergraphs is far less understood, and
finding such conditions for hypergraph matchings is still unknown in many
In this talk I will give certain degree conditions in r-partite
hypergraphs that guarantee the existence of large (almost perfect)
matchings. Additionally, I will present a variety of related open
problems and conjectures in the field.
You are all invited! (Graduate students especially welcome)
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