SPEAKER:  Lucas Fresse, Hebrew U.
TOPIC:  Smooth orbital varieties and orbital varieties with a dense
DATE: Thursday, Jan 6, 2011
TIME: 12:30
PLACE: Amado 719
Abstract: To a nilpotent element x in a reductive Lie algebra, one can
attach several algebraic varieties which play roles in geometric
representation theory: its nilpotent orbit; the intersection of its
nilpotent orbit with the nilradical of a Borel subalgebra (the irreducible
components of this intersection are called orbital varieties); the fiber
over x of the Springer resolution. There is a close relation between the
Springer fiber over x and the orbital varieties attached to x. In this
talk, we rely on this relation in order to study two properties of orbital
varieties: the smoothness, and the property to contain a dense B-orbit. We
concentrate on the type A. We provide several results which suggest that
the two mentioned properties are related. This is a joint work with Anna
Technion Math. Net (TECHMATH)
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