Bar-Ilan Combinatorics Seminar
(joint with the Mathematics Colloquium)
(when)  Sunday, 26 Tevet (Jan. 2), 12:00-13:00  *NOTE SPECIAL TIME*
(where) Room 201 (Math Department Seminar Room), Math and CS Building
(216), Bar-Ilan University
(who)   Nathan Keller (Weizmann Institute of Science)
(what)  "Discrete harmonic analysis of Boolean functions and its
Boolean functions are a central object of study in combinatorics,
complexity theory, probability theory and other areas of mathematics and
computer science. In a paper from 1988, Kahn, Kalai and Linial (KKL)
introduced the use of tools from harmonic analysis in the study of
Boolean functions. The paper of KKL was the starting point of an entire
area of research. In the last two decades the results of KKL were greatly
expanded, the analytic tools were developed significantly, and the
techniques were applied in numerous fields, including percolation theory,
learning theory, social choice theory, etc.
In this talk we will present the basic objects of study (e.g.,
influences, Fourier-Walsh expansion etc.) and the basic analytic tools
(e.g. hypercontractive inequalities), and then we will show several new
applications, focusing on applications to correlation inequalities,
percolation theory, and social choice theory.
Some of the results are based on joint works with Guy Kindler, and with
Ehud Friedgut, Gil Kalai, and Noam Nisan.
You are all invited! (Graduate students especially welcome)
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