Computer Science Colloquium
    Tuesday 28/12/2010, 10:30, Taub 7
Time+Place : Tuesday 28/12/2010 10:30 room Taub 7 Taub  Bld.
Speaker    : Mirela Ben-Chen 
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Affiliation: Stanford University
Host       : Craig Gotsman
Title      : AKVFs - A New Computational Tool for Approximate Shape
Abstract   :
A fundamental problem in geometry processing is to characterize the possible
transformations a shape can undergo, and still remain "the same". Such
transformations are called isometries, since they preserve some notion of
distance between all points on the shape.  In many cases, however,
especially when dealing with discrete shapes, approximate isometries better
characterize the wealth of shapes which represent the same object, such as
different poses of a character. Such maps are harder to represent and
parameterize, in particular when considering geodesic distances - along
paths on the shape.
We tackle this challenge by using Killing vector fields - a special type of
vector fields which are the generators of isometries. We show how
approximate continuous isometries can be parameterized by approximate
Killing vector fields (AKVFs), and how to find those efficiently on a
discrete shape. Our approach gives rise to a new operator, whose spectral
data conveys much information about a shape. We show how these insights on
representing shape isometries can be applied to various problems in geometry
processing, such as texture generation, segmentation and deformation.
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