Computer Science Colloquium
     Daniel M. Berry on Sunday 26/12/10
Time+Place : Sunday 26/12/2010 12:30 room 337-8 Taub  Bld.
Speaker    : Daniel M. Berry  SPECIAL LECTURE note unusual hour 
Affiliation: Cheriton School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo
Host       : Eliezer Kantorowitz
Title      : Requirements Determination is Unstoppable: An Experience Report
Abstract   :
The talk describes the quotations gathered during interviews and focus
groups during a consulting engagement to help the client improve its
requirements engineering (RE) process. The paper describes also a model of
the software lifecycle derived from a Michael Jackson quotation, a model
that explains about 95% of the quotations that we gathered. In particular,
it explains why basic requirements determination is unstoppable and how
management attempts to stop RE lead to the phenomena that are described by
the quotations and less than optimal requirements specifications. The talk
also explains why some documents are not maintained as they should be.
Joint work with Krzysztof Czarnecki, Michal Antkiewicz, and Mohamed
Short Bio:
Daniel M. Berry got his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Brown University in
1974. He was on the faculty of the Computer Science Department at the
University of California, Los Angeles, USA from 1972 until 1987.
He was in the Computer Science Faculty at the Technion, Israel from
1987 until 1999.  From 1990 until 1994, he worked for half of each year at
the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, USA, where
he was part of a group that built CMU's Master of Software Engineering
program. During the 1998-1999 academic year, he visited the Computer Systems
Group at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. In 1999,
Berry moved to what is now the Cheriton School of Computer Science at the
University of Waterloo.  Berry's current research interests are software
engineering in general, and requirements engineering and electronic
publishing in the specific.
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