Ben Gurion University
Dear all
Next week we will have a
Colloquium by Prof. GARY SEITZ
and an Eshnav Lecture in Hebrew by Prof. AMNON BESSER. (See separate announcement.)
when: Tuesday, 14 December 14:30
Title: Unipotent and nilpotent elements
Both lectures will be given in Room (-101).
Refreshments will be available at 14:15am before the Colloquium
AND Special Refreshments after the Eshnav.
See you all,
Best Regards
Abstract for Gary Seitz.
 This will be an elementary discussion about
 the analysis of conjugacy classes and the
 structure of centralizers of unipotent elements
 in some familiar groups: GL, Sp, O.  We 
 also discuss connections between unipotent
 and nilpotent elements in associated  Lie algebras
 and, if time permits, hint at how the theory
 extends to more exotic contexts.
Abstract for Amnon. Besser's talk.
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