The next Seminar in Probability and Stochastic Processes will be held on
May 11, 2010
There will be two talks.
FIRST TALK by Reuven Rubinstein-Announced separately.
Speaker: Rob Morris from TAU and IMPA
Title: Bootstrap percolation and the Ising model
Time and place: at 12:30 in Hashmal-861


In Glauber dynamics on a graph G, each site has a 'spin' (either + or -)
which updates (at random times) according to the states of its neighbours.
At zero temperature the update rule is deterministic, and sites change to
agree with the majority. Starting from a Bernoulli distribution with
density p, one can ask whether (and to what) the configuration converges
as time goes to infinity.

On the lattice Z^d, it is a folklore conjecture that if p > 1/2 then the
system fixates at +, i.e., every site fluctuates only a finite number of
times (and ends up +). In this talk I shall show how to prove an asymptotic
version of this conjecture, as d \to \infty. The main tool in the proof was
developed in order to study bootstrap percolation (a monotone version of
Glauber dynamics) on the hypercube, and other 'tree-like' regular graphs.

You can watch the rest of the seminar plan at our web site
******* NOTE: THERE WILL BE TWO TALKS ***************** 
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