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Today's (and then later) Techmath Announcements. (A chronological listing of forthcoming mathematical activities at Technion and in Israel.)
Let me love you... Haifa. Site (English version) of the French speaking community of Haifa. (LOTS OF USEFUL INFORMATION ABOUT HAIFA, EVENTS, ACTIVITIES, ETC.)
Laisse-moi t'aimer... Haifa. Site de la communaute francaise de Haifa. (CONTIENT BEAUCOUP D'INFORMATION UTILE SUR HAIFA ET CE QU'IL SE PASSE A HAIFA.)

Complex Function Theory 1 (104122) Torat Hafunktsiyot 1. Winter 2011-2012 ...Information

Selected topics in analysis 2 (106929) (Wavelets and/or Interpolation and/or B.M.O.) Spring 2009-2010 ...Information

Selected topics in mathematical analysis 4 (106937) (Course given in 2008-9.) ...Information

HEDVA 2-M (and HEDVA 2-M-M) ...Information


Fourier Series & Integral Transforms ...Information
INFI 3 ...Information
MEASURE THEORY (106378) ...Information
IMPORTANT INFORMATION about all mid term tests and examinations which I give.
INFI 2 ...Information
Real functions = Funktsiyot Mamashiot ...Information
Wavelets. Earlier course given in March 2002 - 108914.
Our nearly tragic meeting with a horse. Road safety implications in general.
Instructions for electronic "voting" to choose times for classes etc.

My Ph.D. supervisor, his supervisor, etc.... My mathematical "ancestry".

Calderon's problem: Complex interpolation of compact operators. Some remarks.

Remarks about showing that the square root of 2 is irrational by folding paper.

Interpolation spaces.. Problem List

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