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I am a "Visiting Fellow" at the Technion for the year 2017-2018. CV

 Contact Information:

Office: 703 Amado Building

Tel :    +972 4 829 3009

e-mail: ingridi (at) technion (dot) ac (dot) il

Specific Research Interests:

Low dimensional topology; mapping class groups, fibrations of 3- and 4-manifolds. Morse theory and Lorentzian geometry.

Research Papers and Preprints

Geometry of the Homology Curve Complex Journal of Topology and Analysis. Volume 4 number 3 (2012) 335-359.

A Curve Complex and Incompressible Surfaces in SxR arXiv:1108.4206v4 (2011).

Mesh editing in nonlinear constrained shape spaces (with O. Burghard, M. Hermann and R. Klein) Preprint (2012)

The Chillingworth class is a signed stable length Algebraic and Geometric Topology Volume 15 number 3 (2015), 1863-1876

Stable lengths on the pants graph are rational New York Journal of Mathematics. Volume 21 (2015) 1153-1168.

Critical levels and Jacobi fields in a complex of cycles Osaka Journal of Mathematics, Volume 54, Number 3 (2017), 475-497.

Fibering rigidity of 3-manifolds with Torelli monodromy arXiv:1502.03912 (2015)

Lifts of simple curves in finite regular coverings of closed surfaces Accepted to Geometriae Dedicata pending revision arXiv:1508.04815 (2015).

Examples of covering properties of boundary points of space-times arXiv:submit/2064089 (2017)

Immersed stable commutator length on surfaces is computable Draft, available on request (2017)


PhD Thesis The Curve Graph and Surface Construction in SxR

Honours Thesis Unusual Properties - Mathematical and Physical - of the a-boundary Construction


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