Applications of Representation Theory to Analytic Number Theory

Conference held on December 20-22, 2005, Technion

Lecture Notes

Roelof Bruggeman    Kloosterman sums and Fourier Coefficients  
Zhengyu Mao    Fourier Coefficients of Half Integral Weight Forms  dvi  
Roberto Miatello   Sum Formulas of Kuznetsov Type and Applications
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Steve Miller   Applications of Automorphic Distributions to Analytic Number Theory  
Yoichi Motohashi    Mean Values of Zeta Functions via Representation Theory  
Omer Offen Periods of Automorphic Forms Over a Compact Unitary Group
Ameya Pitale Lifting of Cusp Forms from the Double Cover of SL(2) to GSpin(1,4)
Andrei Reznikov Gelfand Pairs and Rankin-xSelberg Type Identities
Zeev Rudnick   Lower Bounds for Moments of L-functions  
Peter Sarnak   Reciprocal Geodesics  
Nolan Wallach   The Condition of Moderate Growth  
Nigel Watt    Character Sums and Eigenvalues of a Hecke Operator
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