Eliahu Levy

Mathematics, Technion, Haifa, Israel

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"What cannot be passed over in silence must be spoken about ..."

שעשועי  חשבון  Math fun for children (Hebrew)

Two Texts, to be taken with n+1 grains of salt, which were, naturally and expectedly, rejected by everybody approached, but which may nevertheless hold some interest as members of jokesspace
Lecture Anouncement: Spring Seminar
Planck Conversion Factors and Number Theory

A booklet (in Hebrew) containing the articles which I wrote in the 1990's in ETGAR - GILYONOT MATEMATIKA (with some addenda) ps pdf
A booklet of articles which I wrote in 2014-2015 in the online  נטגר: pdf

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Salutation:   Dr.  
Last name:   Levy
First name:   Eliahu
Email:   eliahu@math.technion.ac.il,
Country:   Israel  
Address:   Department of Mathematics
Technion IIT, Haifa 32000, Israel  
Member of:   Israel Mathematical Union
European Mathematical Society
American Mathematical Society  
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