Graduate Students

Ron Aharoni                       1979, Ph.D.

   "Combinatorial Problems in Matrix Theory''.

Ron Adin                1981, M.Sc.

   "Extreme Positive Operators on  Minimal and Almost-Minimal


Daniel Hershkowitz             1982, Ph.D.

   "Stable Matrices and Matrices with Nonnegative

                                          Principal Minors''.

Avital Livne                        1983, M.Sc.

   "Copositive Matrices''.

Ofra Kessler                       1984, M.Sc.

   "Inverse M-matrices''.

Dan Shemesh                     1984, Ph.D.

   "Commutativity Subspaces''.

Ron Irmai                           1985, M.Sc.

   "Multicriteria Decision Problems by Dynamic


Dafna Shasha                     1987, Ph.D. (Co-Supervisor D. Hershkowitz)

   "Diagonal Semistability of Matrices''.

Natali Kogan                      1989, M.Sc.

   "Completely Positive Matrices and Completely

                                          Positive Graphs''

Sarel Kagan                       1991, M.Sc.

   "Constrained Matrix Scaling''.

Naomi Shaked Monderer  1992, Ph.D.

   Convex Sets of Positive Semidefinite Matrices''.

Natali Kogan                      1993, Ph.D. (Co-Supervisor D. Hershkowitz)                                                                              "Combinatorial Spectral Theory''.

 Avi B. Sigler                      1994, Ph.D.

   "Geometric Investigations of  High  School and Pre Service


Mark Krupnik                   1994, Ph.D.

   Completion Problems in Matrix Theory''.

Marina Arab                       1995, M.Sc.

               "The Extended Linear Complimentarity Problem''.

Alex Kuperman                  1996, Ph.D. (Co-Supervisor N. Movshovitz-Hadar)

   "Misconceptions in Linear Algebra''.

Galit Dremer                       1996, M.Sc.

   "Seeing Mathematics''.

Roza Leikin                        1997, Ph.D. (Co-Supervisor O. Zaslavsky)

   "Symmetry as a Way of Thought''.

Amal Sherif Rasslan         2000,  Ph.D.

University Professor as a High School Teacher–

   a Case Study''.

Shmuel Aruchas               2000, M.Sc.

"Mathematical Problems that Can Be Used to Identify Gifted Students''.

Nurit Katchalsky 2002, M.Sc.  

"The Majority Rule in Graphs''

Boris Koichu                   2003, Ph.D. (Co-Supervisor M. Moore)

"Senior High School Student's Heuristic Behaviors in

Mathematical Problem Solving''.

Sagit Ophrain                  2003, M.Sc.  

"Final Paper on Teaching Analytic Geometry''.

Yulia Bulgaev                  2004, M.Sc.  

"The Wiener Index of a Graph''.           

Felix Goldberg                 2004, M.Sc.

"Laplacian at Graphs, Quasi-Strongly Regular Graphs and

 CompletelyPositive Praphs''.

Olga Bortnik                    2004, M.Sc.  

"Words in Positive Definite Matrices''.  

Shmuel Aruchas               Ph.D. (in progress) (Co-Supervisor I. Verner)

Felix Goldberg                 Ph.D. (in progress)

Alon Hadad                     M.Sc. (in progress)

Ovadia Debby                 M.Sc. (in progress)


Postdoctoral Students

Xiao-Dong Zhang            1998-2000

Changquing Xu                2002-2003


Visiting Ph.D. Students

Francesco Barioli, University of Padova               2000

Rade Stanojevich, The National University of Ireland        2004