Amy Novick-Cohen

  1. Read some recent publications.
  2. See a preview of The Cahn-Hilliard Equation: From Backwards Diffusion to Surface Diffusion, drafts of: Table of Contents (pdf), Chapter 1(pdf), Chapter 4 (pdf), Chapter 14 (pdf). In preparation under contract with Cambridge University Press.
  3. See some recent theses:
    Ph.D. Thesis Anna Zigelman
    Ph.D. Thesis Vadim Derkach
    M.Sc. Thesis Anna Rotman (Zigelman) 
    M.Sc. Thesis Jaudat Rashed
    M.Sc. Thesis Vadim Derkach
  4. Some recent lectures:
    SIAM-MS 2010
  5. The PDE and Applied Math Seminar

Novick-Cohen Amy
Last modified: March 5, 2010