Eli Aljadeff




 Dean of the faculty of Mathematics

 Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa 32000, Israel


 Holder of the Ruth and Samuel Jaffe Chair in Mathematics



 Tel. 04-8294284 , e-mail: aljadeff@tx.technion.ac.il, elialjadeff@gmail.com


 Ph.D. Mathematics, Tel-Aviv University   (1988) Ph.D. advisor: Prof. Shmuel Rosset


 Research Interests: Algebra




Ph.D. Students


Past students:


Yuval Ginosar-1996

Michael Natapov-2005

Aviv Censor -2007

Ehud Meir ben Ephraim-2010

Nir Ben David-2013

Eli Geva-2015

Yuval Shpigelman-2015

Nicola Sambonet (co-advisor)-2015 Principal advisor Yuval Ginosar (Haifa Univ.)

Yaakov Karasik-2016

Ofir David-2016


Current students:  


Adi Wolf




M.Sc. Students


Past students:


Yuval Ginosar-1992

Uri Onn-1995

Elena Guralnik-1999

Michael Natapov- 2001

Nir Ben David- 2005

Ehud Meir ben Ephraim- 2005

Shira Zerbib- 2007

Eli Geva- 2008

Yaakov Karasik-2010

Adi Wolf-2011

Ofir David-2012


Current students:


David Levit-Gurevich


Prizes: Research: Mahler Prize 1995

                             Mahler Prize 2007

           Academic education: Yanai Prize 2012


Grants: ISF-2008-2012




Visiting positions


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

University of Strasbourg, France

University of Murcia, Spain

University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

University of Palermo, Italy 



Lectures at international conferences


1984 Apr. Israel Annual Meeting, Tel-Aviv University.


1989 Oct. AMS Special Session on Noncommutative Algebra in Geometry and  Arithmetic, Muncie, Indiana.

        Nov. Mid West Meeting (Bloomington Indiana, Cincinati Ohio, Urbana, Illinois), Bloomington, Indiana.   


1991 Apr. Brauer Groups Conference, Oberwolfach, Germany.

        July Non Commutative Rings Workshop, Warwick, England.


1992 July Algebra Workshop, University of California at Santa Barbara (delivered by J.Sonn, joint work).  


1993 Apr. Israel Annual Meeting, The Ben Gurion University, Beer-Sheva.

        Aug. Conference on Rings, Extensions and Cohomology (held on the occasion of the retirement of Daniel Zelinsky), Northwestern University, Evanston.


1994 May International Workshop on Representation Theory, Technion.

        Aug. XI Coloquio de Algebra, Mendoza.


1995 June AMS-IMU Meeting, Jerusalem.


1996 Jan. Annual AMS-MAA Meeting, Orlando, Florida. Special session in Algebra.

        Apr. Israel Annual Meeting, Weizmann Institute.


1997 Mar. Midwest Meeting, Bloomington, Indiana.

        May Workshop on Brauer Groups, Colorado, USA.


1998 Jan. Murcia Euroconference on Interactions Between Ring Theory and Representations of Algebras, Spain.

        Sep. Congress on Homology and Representation, Cordoba, Argentina.  


1999 May Israel Annual Meeting, Haifa University.

        June Brauer Groups Meeting, Montana, USA.


2000 May Israel Annual Meeting, Haifa University.


2001 May Israel Annual Meeting, Tel-Aviv University.

        Aug. International Latino America  Colloquium of Alg La Falda, Argentina.

        Oct. Homology and Rep. of Algebras, Sierra de la Ventana, Argentina.


2002 June Brauer Groups Meeting, Colorado, USA.

        Sep. Non commutative Rings and Geometry, Almeria, Spain.


2003 July Latino America International “Coloquio de Algebra”, Mexico.


2004 May Joint Algebra Meeting Argentina–Brazil–Uruguay–Chile (ERP), Buenos Aires, Argentina. Main Speaker (series of lectures).

        June Brauer Groups Meeting, Colorado,  USA.

        July Escola de Algebra, Campinas, Brazil. July Groups, Rings and Group Rings, Ubatuba,    Brazil.


2005 May Israel Mathematical Union Annual Meeting, Neve Ilan, Israel.

        May Congreso Dr. Antonio Monteiro. Series of 3 lectures (Introductory course).

        Aug. (Bi Annual) XVI Coloquio Latino American of Algebra, Uruguay. Plenary lecture.


2005 Aug. Coloquio of Algebra, Buenos Aires (Satellite to the Latin American Algebra Coloquio).

        Nov. Joint Algebra meeting (Inter-Universitaire d’Algebre), Mulhouse, France.


2006 July Perspectives on Rings and Algebras, Murcia, Spain. Series of 3 lectures.

        Sep. Noncommutative Algebra, Granada (Satellite to the ICM). Plenary lecture.


2007 June Amitsur Memorial Symposium, Haifa University

        July Latin American Algebra Coloquio, Colombia, Medellin.

        Sep. International Conference on algebraic and combinatorial methods in concrete of algebras and groups, Alden-Biesen Belgium.

        Oct. Joint Algebra Meeting Argentina–Brazil–Uruguay–Chile (ERP), Montevideo, Uruguay  

        Nov. Mini-Workshop Oberwolfach, Germany: Arithmetik von Gruppenringen, two lectures


2008 Jan. Conference Program Representation Theory of Algebras, Groups and semigroups, Bar  Ilan University.        

       July Brauer Group, meeting, Colorado, USA Aug. Groups, Rings and   Group rings, Plenary Speaker, Ubatuba, Brazil

       Sep. Graded Algebras and Superalgebras, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Atlantic Algebra Centre International Workshop   


2009 June International Workshop, Groups and Hopf Algebras, Atlantic Algebra Centre, Memorial University of Newfoundland. Plenary speaker (two lectures)

        Aug. Latin American Algebra Colloquium San Pedro, Brazil

        Sep. Hopf algebras, quantum groups and tensor categories, Cordoba, Argentina


2010 Jan. Brauer Group workshop, Ketura, Israel

        Jan. Special Session on Differential Galois theory and group representations, Joint  Mathematics meeting, San Francisco.

        Mar. Arithmetic of group rings and related structures. Aachen, Germany (Main speaker (Two lectures))

        May Hopf algebras and noncommutative algebras. Sde Boker, Israel.

        July Groups, rings and group rings. Ubatuba, Brazil (Series of 3 lectures).    

        July 21st Escola de Algebra. Brasilia, Brazil.

        Sep. Summer School on “Growth” (Two lectures), Technion.     


2011 May Amitsur Symposium, Ben-Gurion University, Beer Sheva

        July Group, Rings and Group Rings Edmonton, Canada

        Sep. Polynomial Identities in Algebras II St. John’s, Canada (Two lectures)

        Sep. Quantum groups, categorification and braids Strasbourg, France


2012 June Workshop on “Group rings and related topics”, Stuttgart, Germany

        July Escola de Algebra, Salvador Brazil (Plenary speaker)

        July Groups, rings and group rings (Series of three lectures)

        Aug. Brauer groups, Colorado, USA


2013 June Recent trends in Rings and Algebras”, Murcia, Spain (plenary lecture)

        July Advances in Group Theory and Applications 2013”Porto Cesareo, Italy (series of three  lectures)

        July Classical aspects of ring theory and module theory”, Banach Center, Bedlewo, Poland (Plenary lecture)

        Aug. Hochschild Cohomology: Structure and Applications IV”, Buenos Aires, Argentina


2014 June Advances in Group Theory and Applications - The School ”Porto Cesareo, Italy (series  of three lectures)

        July Groups, Rings and Group Rings, Ubatuba, Brazil

        July International Conference on Groups, Rings and Group Rings - Brock Canada


2015 July Groups, Rings, Theory and Applications-Sofia Bulgaria.

2016 March Groups, Algebras and Identities, Honoring Boris Plotkin's 90th birthday, Bar Ilan

          July GRITA, Sofia, Bulgaria

          July Coloquio Latino Americano de Algebra XXI, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Minicourse + lecture)



Public service (main activities)


1997-01 Head of the Undergraduate Program and Students' Advisor- Math Technion

2002-04 Secretary of the Israel Mathematical Union

2007-10 Head of the graduate Program and Graduate Students' Advisor- Math Technion

2015- Dean of the Mathematics Faculty, Technion











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